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Proudly holding the first edition of What’s New Magazine to be sold on newsstands.

Hello, I am John McIntosh, “chronicler0” of Chronicles Community Creations, the creator of hundreds of print and digital publications and the Founder of the Golden Rule Advocacy. I created my first business in 1968. It would be eight years before I created What’s New Magazine, my first successful publication.

Pat McGovern, the founder of International Data Group (IDG), Computerworld and many other popular publications offered five million dollars to take What’s New Magazine to a national audience.

Chronicles publications have sold thousands of ads to mom and pop stores, Fortune 500 companies and every size company in between at prices ranging from fifty dollars to over $158,150.00. Throughout my publishing career I continue to experiment with great determination to improve the communication power of publishing. Those things that work comprise what I call the Chronicles Publishing System.

I applied those same principles when I built my first website in 1998. And again when creating my first smart phone app in 2014. What I am most proud of and hope to be remembered most for is the Golden Rule Advocacy. I invite you to consider making the world a better place by taking the Golden Rule Pledge. Just click the Golden Rule Advocacy. Taking the pledge is always free.

If you wish to advertise with us, need a website, phone app, an audio/video production, a logo, a jingle or just need some free advice send a text to 252-617-1774. We are always happy to help!

Chronicles 100 (C100) is our content creation platform that, as of this writing consists of 130 sites focusing on a wide range of family-friendly topics of interest to the general public. Owning a Chronicles 100 Channel provides an opportunity for Content Creators to create a thriving online business that not only fuels their passion for their topic of interest but can also provide financial independence. The Chronicles Guide to Creating and Monetizing Content teaches how to focus on quality, engagement, and smart monetization. It provides a solid foundation for success in creating content in a C100 Channel. Your own Channel is not just about making content; it’s about creating a legacy and a lifestyle that rewards creativity, hard work, and passion. You can obtain a copy today for only $9.99 (regular $29.99).

As a “proof of concept”, that a C100 site can help monetize content, the Chronicles Founder turned a life long hobby of writing songs, recording, mixing and mastering them into a highly successful online business at TSOUL where he sells downloads of his fifty original songs. Incidentally, he has now completed the movie script for Can’t Stop It and forty-five of his original songs comprise its sound track.

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Publisher after receiving an advertiser’s check for $158,150.00.

What can we do for you, how about a theme song?

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How about a website?

We have custom created over 200 websites including online company brochures, multi media sites, not for profit sites and full blown eCommerce sites with as many as 12,000 products for sale.

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If your automotive business needs a website, text "website" to 252-617-1774


If your fitness business needs a website, text "website" to 252-617-1774


If your computer business needs a website, text "website" to 252-617-1774


If your remodeling business needs a website, text "website" to 252-617-1774


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If your building business needs a website, text "website" to 252-617-1774


If your child care business needs a website, text "website" to 252-617-1774


If your restaurant business needs a website, text "website" to 252-617-1774


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If your gaming business needs a website, text "website" to 252-617-1774


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If your church needs a website, text "website" to 252-617-1774


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